Real-Time Analysis Tool

With VORTECS™ Dashboard You Will

Get an Analysis On The Crypto Market

Cointelegraph VORTECS™ score is the leading market indicator tool; users can effectively measure market sentiment and stay ahead of market trends.

"This is something that always has more than meets the eye. First thing I do after waking up is see which scores are high so I can invest and earn. I have had a great return using CTMP and really high gains. I believe this has huge potential to be one of the greatest tools ever made for crypto."

- Shayan Neherali, Markets Pro Subscriber

With NewsQuakes You Will

Receive Critical Crypto Market News

Newsquakes Dashboard for Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Leveraging the same AI technology that the Cointelegraph team use to surface the latest news, NewsQuakes automatically crawls the most critical information from multiple sources on the web and brings instant updates quicker to our users before other media platforms.

"Can't speak for others but have to say Vortecs and NewsQuakes are working pretty well for me so far. Especially the quakes, easily made triple the subscription fee on at least two of them this month."

-Ricoshay, Markets Pro Subscriber

With Token Scanner You Can

Always Conduct In-Depth Analysis on the
Most Important Token Metrics

On the dashboard, users can view the key data on different tokens to inform your investment decision. Users can also quickly access trading venues directly from the dashboard to take action on new insights.

With Academy You Can

Always Learn From the Best in the Industry

Weekly member exclusive education content is added to the academy to teach users the latest concepts in digital assets. The Academy's content is created by the top researchers in the market. The content is designed to provide a seamless learning experience and is available in both video and written format.

"Great weekend for me, cash in on all OMG and REN then went for AXS and still in OGN. OGN and AXS were both nailed by VORTECS Scores. Time to go fishin'..."

- FishinFunds, Markets Pro Subscriber

With Our Discord Community You Can

Join a Rich and Vibrant Digital Asset Community

Users can join the Market Pro discord to discuss market observations and price movement with other elite traders in the Cointelegraph community.

"Exited LSK for + 21%. Ct Pro Has made me up $11k so far. "

- Tony Moore , Markets Pro Subscriber

Trade smarter with
real-time crypto insights

Cointelegraph Markets Pro is a simple and easy to use solution powered by the same technology and data used by global leading investors at a fraction of the cost.

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constitutes a personalized recommendation or advice regarding the suitability of, or advisability of investing in, purchasing or selling any
particular investment, security, portfolio, commodity, transaction or investment strategy. Cryptocurrencies are volatile investments and carry
significant risk. Consult your financial advisor before making financial decisions.

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