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Dear Traders,

Here at Cointelegraph, it’s our mission to bring knowledge and power to real people. We do it with the news every day.

And now we’re bringing bleeding-edge market intelligence to the crypto enthusiast too.

You see, humans are funny creatures. We forget the repeating patterns of history so easily, yet we hold on to the memory of outliers fiercely.

Remember that time you arrived at the airport in plenty of time, enjoyed a cup of coffee and absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened? Probably not.

But do you remember the time the gate closed just before you arrived? And every breathless, stressed-out detail of the doomed effort to get there on time?

We’re conditioned to remember bad beats in poker rather than the thousands of times the odds played out. Arguments with spouses instead of the peaceful evenings watching TV together.

And massive, 10x crypto trades that somehow compensated for all the times we missed the top...

But those trades aren’t so easy to find these days. Think about all those insider deals, private rounds, secret Telegram groups... Let’s face it, information asymmetry in the market is too powerful for most of us to keep up.

So what’s left for the ambitious crypto trader who doesn’t get those whispers in the ear? Is our entire industry destined to become another version of Wall Street, where the odds are stacked in favor of the hedge funds?

Are we just plankton, whose only purpose in life is to be sucked up by whales?

At Cointelegraph, we say no.

We have been strong and dedicated advocates for the retail investors and traders of the crypto industry for almost a decade. We believe YOU are what drives this market.

And we believe YOU deserve a level playing field.

Ready to step up your game?

We all saw what happened recently.

Reddit users rose up against the hedge funds that were shorting GameStop... and the financial revolution became front page news again.

But there was a difference this time.

Redditors didn’t just focus on the unfairness of wealth inequality... They focused on INFORMATION INEQUALITY.

And so they shared their information — with each other.

And for once, the bankers were on their back feet... because real people had knowledge that even the hedge funds didn’t have.

And we all know knowledge is power.

That’s exactly what Cointelegraph Markets Pro delivers.

Real knowledge, and real power, to real people.

What is Cointelegraph Markets Pro?

At the very core of our dashboard is VORTECS™, a real-time score that assesses current market conditions from a variety of perspectives including sentiment, market volume, tweet volume, price over time and so on… and compares them to occasions those conditions have been seen in the past.

If our proprietary algorithms see a pattern, they look to see if there has been a consistent price movement in the 24-96 hours following that pattern.

The VORTECS™ algorithm is working day and night, 365 days a year, across over 130 crypto assets, to find these patterns — and learning as it goes.

Because here’s the stunning truth.

History repeats itself more than we like to think. We’re just conditioned to remember the outliers.

And it’s a human frailty that our algorithms don’t share.

Our algorithms don’t get bored with routines. They don’t ignore the obvious. They don’t care about outliers, they care about consistency…

So when the conditions are just right… when the market sentiment and the tweet volume and the price movement and the trading patterns line up just so…

...And those conditions have historically led to a market movement...

You can be the first to know.

With no advantage for billionaires. No advantage for analysts. No advantage for sweaty bankers making shady handshake deals over expensive single malts.

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