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What is Cointelegraph Markets Pro?

NewsQuakes™ on the Cointelegraph Markets Pro data intelligence platform allows you to completely outsource monitoring the crypto news space to artificial intelligence. The machine learning algorithm automatically combs through thousands of relevant sources and instantly alerts subscribers via mobile notifications when potential market-moving events are detected.

NewsQuakes™ announcements are snapped from primary sources such as exchange websites, credible posts, or projects’ Twitter accounts, meaning that traders don’t have to wait for the media or their favorite influencers to turn raw information into a story.

Extensive research has identified three types of news — exchange listings, staking, and partnership announcements — that are most likely to spark strong rallies.

At the core of Markets Pro dashboard is VORTECS™, a real-time score that assesses current market conditions from a variety of perspectives including sentiment, market volume, tweet volume, price over time, and so on… and compares them to occasions those conditions have been seen in the past.

Volume, Outlook, RealPrice, Tweet Volume, Elevation, Confidence, & Sentiment

If our proprietary algorithms see a pattern, they look to see if there has been a consistent price movement in the 24-96 hours following that pattern.

The VORTECS™ algorithm is working day and night, 365 days a year, across multiple crypto assets, to find these patterns — and learning as it goes.

Because here’s the stunning truth.

History repeats itself more than we like to think. We’re just conditioned to remember the outliers.

And it’s human frailty that our algorithms don’t share.

Our algorithms don’t get bored with routines. They don’t ignore the obvious. They don’t care about outliers, they care about consistency…

So when the conditions are just right… when the market sentiment and the tweet volume and the price movement and the trading patterns line up just so…

...And those conditions have historically led to a market movement...

You can be the first to know.

With no advantage for billionaires. No advantage for analysts. No advantage for sweaty bankers making shady handshake deals over expensive single malts.

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Receive Critical Market News

Leveraging the same AI technology that Cointelegraph’s journalists use to surface the latest news, NewsQuakes automatically crawls the most critical information from multiple sources on the web and brings instant updates to subscribers faster than other media platforms.

Newsquakes Dashboard for Cointelegraph Markets Pro

VORTECS™ Dashboard

Analysis On The Market

Cointelegraph VORTECS™ score is the leading market indicator tool; Markets Pro subscribers can effectively make more-effective data-driven decisions and stay ahead of market trends.

Token Scanner

Conduct In-Depth Analysis on the
Most Important Token Metrics

Drill deep into individual assets to review historical data and perform your own technical analysis with Trading View powered charts alongside our proprietary VORTECS score. Subscribers can also quickly access trading venues and view pairs directly from the dashboard to take action on new insights.

Markets Pro Academy

Learn From the Best in the Industry

Exclusive educational content from Cointelegraph’s deep roster of experts is augmented weekly with topical thought leadership from experts across the industry. The academy will allow any trader to sharpen their skills, whether you're new to trading crypto or an O.G. day trader. And since its coming to you from Cointelegraph, you can be assured a seamless learning experience available in both video and written format.

Discord Community

Join a Rich and Vibrant Digital Asset Community

Subscribers are invited to join our community team of experts in our private Markets Pro Discord. Share your strategies and learn from fellow traders, plus participate in weekly contests, AMAs, and giveaways in the Cointelegraph community.

What's Included?

  • Track Your Portfolio Alongside Market Insights 
  • NewsQuake Alerts
  • VORTECS™ Scores
  • Markets Pro Academy
  • Quickly Connect to Exchanges
  • Altseason Indicator Tool
  • Cryptocurrency Markets Overview 
  • Unusual Twitter Volume Detection
  • Twitter Activity Breakdown by Positive & Negative sentiment
  • Trade Pairs Lookup tool
  • Personalized "On My Exchanges" view
  • 24/7 Trader Support 
  • Discord Channel Weekly Fireside Chats with Industry Leaders
  • Community of Experts Traders to Learn From
  • Friday Happy Hours Fellow Subscribers & Cointelegraph Team  
  • Weekly New Member Welcome with Cointelegraph & The Tie, CEOs
  • App & Browser Custom Push Notifications 
  • iOS and Android Apps

    And many more features!

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"Great weekend for me, cash in on all OMG and REN then went for AXS and still in OGN. OGN and AXS were both nailed by VORTECS Scores. Time to go fishin'..."

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-Shayan N.

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Cointelegraph Markets Pro is a simple and easy to use solution powered by the same technology and data used by leading global investors at a fraction of the cost.

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